3 things about me:

1. I have a dog called Lucy who I LOVE!

2. My fav colour is purple, that is why my site is mostly that colour.

3. My fav subject is art, even though phones and music are banned.

My favourite websites/games:

1. 0x0800.github.io/2048-CUPCAKES/ (2048 cupcake version)

2. Cool maths games

3. Weave silk (Silk art)

My favourite music:

1. ALL of adele's songs

2. MOST of Lord's songs

3. The Phantom of the Opera whole playlist

How I'm feeling about year 9 so far...

Hmmmm. Year 9. This year is different than any year that I've been in, for one, I'M IN THE SENIOR SCHOOL! Two, I have no classes with any teachers that I have had in previous years, three, we have tutor classes but we only see them once a week, if that. And last but not least, four, WE ARE ALLOWED PHONES AT LUNCH AND MORNING TEA! WHOOOO HOOOOOOO!